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A complete copy of our governing rules can be provided upon request. This is a summary that will address the more common accessorial charges. Accessorial charges can change without notice in unusual cirmustances.

The provisions of this Rules Tariff apply in connection with any published Class or Commodity Rate Tariff, Rate Agreement, Numbered Rate Quote or Contract, issued by Coach Transport and will be applicable on Interstate and Intrastate shipments.

When a published COACH TRANSPORT Rate Agreement or Contract provides for the application of rates "per pallet(s)", pallets must not exceed standard 40" x 48" (L x W) size unless otherwise provided in writing in the Rate Agreement, Contract or Numbered Rate Quote.

When a properly rated freight bill remains unpaid after a period of ninety (90) days, COACH TRANSPORT will forward such bill to an outside agency for collection purposes. At that time any discount which had been extended on the original freight bill will be revoked. In addition, debtor will be responsible for attorney fees and court costs associated with or as result of suit

Only COACH TRANSPORT officers are authorized to change contract terms and conditions.

Corrected Bill Of Lading While In Transit ($15).

COD Shipments ($35)

Delivery By Appointment ($20)

Detention By The Hour ($70)

Extra Labor Per Hour ($50)

Hazardous Materials ($10)

Lift Gate Delivery ($75)

Inside Delivery / Pickup ($4.50 per hunderd pounds -- $50 min / $500 max)

Redelivery ($4.50 per hundred pounds -- $50 min / $500 max)

Reconsignment ($35 min or new rate with zip code change)

Residential Delivery / Pickup ($4.50 per hundred pounds -- $50 min / $500 max)

Storage Charges ($20 per day)

Over Length / Over 10 Feet ($50)

Sort / Segregate ($.50 per package or $1.00 per hundred pounds whichever is greater with a minimum charge of $50)

Undelivered Freight---Undeliverable shipments will be subject to detention or storage charges. COACH TRANSPORT will make a diligent effort to notify all parties involved promptly that freight is in storage.

Fuel Surcharge---Figured monthly based on the National Average computed by the Energy Information Administration. Please call our office to check the rate.

Forbidden Freight---Bank Bills, Currency, Rare Coins, Jewelry, Deeds, Drafts, Articles of Antiquity, Original Works of Art, Precious Stones, Taxidermy Items, or Valuable Paper. If there are any question please call our customer service department before the shipment is picked up.